Asset Finance

Do you need business asset finance to help support your growing business?

Whether you need new vehicles, machinery, or equipment, our asset finance services are structured to support your business growth plans. Rather than pay for your business assets upfront, you can spread the expense over time. This means you can get the assets you need now, so you can reach your goals faster.

Asset finance can be used to fund a range of assets including

Clean energy equipment

Construction equipment


Heavy commercial vehicles

Light commercial vehicles

Medical equipment

Passenger vehicles

Trucks and trailers

We’ve partnered with a variety of asset finance companies so we can find the best-fit asset finance loan for your unique circumstances.

Types of asset finance

Finance lease

Finance lease

  • May be suitable for long-term assets.
  • A lender will purchase an asset on your behalf.
  • You’ll take full responsibility for the asset during the lease period.
  • Regular fixed payments need to be made during the lease period.
  • At the end of the lease, you’ll have the option to buy the asset for a nominated amount, also known as a balloon payment.
Operating lease

Operating lease

  • May be suitable for short-term use, such as completing a contract or project.
  • A lender will loan you the use of an asset over a fixed term.
  • The lender will retain ownership responsibility during this period.
  • You’ll need to pay regular payments throughout the lease period.
  • The asset is returned to the lender at the end of the period.
Hire purchase

Hire purchase

  • May be suitable if you want to purchase an asset, but don’t have the cash to do so now.
  • A lender will purchase an asset on your behalf.
  • You’ll need to pay off the asset in regular instalments.
  • At the end of the repayment period, you’ll own the asset.

Speedy turnaround times

The property market waits for no-one. That’s why we offer speedy turnaround times, so you won’t miss out on the perfect opportunity.

Huge range of flexible loan options

Our broad range of flexible loan opportunities comes from access to over 50 lenders. It means we can find the right solution for whatever type of loan you need.

Support when you need it most

When it comes to property, we’ve seen and done it all. That’s what makes us so well-equipped to guide you through the process and do whatever it takes to make your experience a positive one.

Empowering you to make confident decisions

Whether you’re buying, building, or refinancing, we’ll guide you through the process and find you the best-fit loan so you can move forward with confidence.


Loan options are rarely straightforward. While one loan option may offer a lower interest rate than another one, it may come with less features, higher fees, and restrictions about things like making extra repayments.

We’ll help you work out which features you need, and weigh up the pros and cons of each loan option, so you can choose the one that suits you best.

While some loans allow you to borrow as much as 95% of a property’s purchase price, if you borrow more than 80% you’ll generally have to pay Lender’s Mortgage Insurance. This is a one-off insurance premium that protects lenders in case you default on your mortgage payments. It’s added on to your mortgage, which means you’ll have more to repay. 

Keep in mind that when you buy a property, there are extra costs you’ll need to factor in on top of the property purchase price.

These can include real estate agent fees, building and pest inspections, solicitor and conveyancer fees, loan application fees, government stamp duty and moving costs.

We’ll help you budget for all of these costs, so you’re not caught short.

Talk to us today about how we can help you reach your goals.